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The Zoom Post below was completed more on a conceptual basis. However, after years of running Zoom Option concepts with our offense I can truly say it has been one of the most innovative and effective schemes that we have ever produced. The guide below stands as an early foundation that we built off of. If you find these concepts intriguing in any way I would strongly suggest you get the Zoom DVD. You will not be sorry. The Zoom DVD represents what this little guide evolved into and the many counters that the zoom made even more effective. This entire scheme is just a very innovative way to run the option.
The Zoom Option is a play that allows your QB to get to the outside and force the defense to contain him or give up the pass. The play can be run several different ways. It is drawn to the shotgun above but it by no means requires the shotgun. To make the play work the Slotback must get outside position on the DE. If the defense makes an adjustment that keeps the slot from getting outside of him in his alignment you can trap him and run the QB trap to that side. There are so many complimentary plays to the Zoom Option that the defense can not merely concentrate on stopping the Zoom play only.

The primary goal of the Zoom is to get the QB in a position to pass or run the QB sweep. The backside routes can be changed very easily. I will add a few of these combination plays later.

We would call this form of the Zoom Super Trips Cmo 78 Zoom
After the snap the QB fakes the ball to the flanker (Cutter in our offense). There are several trap and sweep play combinations with the flanker as well as a Flanker Zoom play to the left as well.
The QB will accelerate to the outside checking the receivers off in this order. 1st the split end to the right running the go route. 2nd the deep post route ran by the left slot. The 3rd read is option to your offense. This is the 8yrd square in by the left split end. 4th is the slotback (the fullback in our offense) on his delay flag route. The right slot is the primary even though he is not the first read. The 5th read is the option to run the QB sweep.
The reads are easy and quick. You can simplify the reads by running a go with the backside split end and not including him on the read progression. For younger or inexperienced groups you can take the backside slot read out as well.
The motion back will run a rail route down the sideline. He is not included in the read progression but if he is open the coach can call that route. If we call that route we usually cut down all reads except the backside rail and the primary (right side slot).
One important aspect of the Zoom is the pulling Guard who will pick up the DE after the slot leaves to run his route. This blocking assignment must be adjusted versus the five front.
In general we tell the QB if he is faced with a possible gain on the pass or a 8yd gain on the sweep to take the sweep.
Super Trips Cmo 78 Backscreen
Here we have run the backscreen to the left slot. The LBs have buzzed to the offenses right in an attempt to stop the Zoom Option. We have overloaded the left side with two blockers and still managed to give our QB a Zoom Option if the screen is not open to the left side. This is basically two plays in one and a very hard play to stop if the Zoom Option is working well.

You can also send the left slot on a go route and run the screen with the motion back (we call the Cutter).
Super Trips Cmo 158in (we eventually called this play 154 and the play to the other side 155)
In general we set this play up with a spot pass to the right slot. This play depends on a good block by the right tackle and a quick trap block by the backside guard. The QB will fake the cutter trap then pump the spot to the right slot. If the outside LB does not honor the spot fake we will have the right slot run a swing route or rail route down the right sideline to get the LB out of the way.
Super Trips Cmo 149in (This play eventually became 145 G/T and we pulled both the G and the backside T when possible.
Here we run the inside trap to the motion back (Cutter). This is a base trap to the right. However, the trick here is for the QB to time the snap so that the right guard can pull and not get to the DE too late. In general we snap the ball as the motion back gets even with the right slot.

A good fake by the QB will keep the LBs guessing. This play works good after a couple of Zoom Option plays, QB traps, or sweep plays to the left.
Super Trips Cmo 79 Cutter Zoom (as called on the wristband "ST Mo 79CZ")
This can be a very confusing play for the defense. To make this play work you need a motion back (Cutter) that can throw the ball. He does not have to throw the ball extremely well because most of the passes he will be required to make will be to the left slot (our tailback). The second read is the right slot and if he can hit that post it makes the play even more lethal.

The QB has several options to fake. We like to have him fake 78 Zoom Option and make the defense guess not only who has the ball but what he will do with it.
I realize that he is rolling to the left. If your cutter happened to be left handed and a good passer you would have not only won the football lottery but your team would be almost impossible to stop running 78 and 79 Zoom with all their corresponding plays.

This play may seem a little crazy but that is only because it is. This is probably the wildest complimentary play to the Zoom.
Postscript: We continued to develop this offense and combined aspects of it with the Renegade Offense. We eventually added QB counter sweeps, front and back traps, The Zip Option, and much more to the concept. These concepts can help to make you competitive when you might not be otherwise. If you have not already I would encourage you to check out The Renegade Playbook and the Zip and Zoom DVD.
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