The Ace Formstion for Youth Football
IGWT t 2013
The Ace Formation for Youth Football is a book designed for youth football coaches who want to run a simplified spread concept with young players. The book includes basic blocking schemes versus even and odd defensive fronts as well as adjustments for attack style defensive fronts. This book takes the successful Renegade Spread Scheme and simplifies it for young players for Youth Leagues, Elementary teams, Jr. High teams, as well as JV and Varsity. Unlike many spread concepts that are scaled down for young players this scheme was created primarily for young players and can grow with them. If you are a youth coach that wants to try something new that was designed with you and your young players in mind you will want to read this book.

We have added a printer friendly playbook section to the download for free. This will allow youth coaches to easily make copies of the playbook section without using as much ink. When you purchase the download you will download both files.

These are some of the concepts discussed in this book

The concepts behind the Ace Formation

Advantages to running the Spread

Terminology for the Ace

Personnel and position qualities

Alignments and Splits

Basic Playbook

Run Blocking and Alternative Run Blocking

Pass Blocking

Advanced Playbook

Handling Attack Defenses

Strategy and Play Calling

Punting from the Ace

This book is offered as a automatic PDF download. It is the first book that BigN2Football has offered as a PDF download. We chose this format because it can be viewed on any computer that has Adobe Acrobat Reader. Reader can be downloaded for free at

The Ace Formation for Youth Football is the result of many years of experimentation at the Youth, Jr. High, and Varsity levels of play. The plays in this book are very well tested and have been used very successfully with several different groups of young players.

We have included with this download a free update that will be downloaded with the other files upon purchase. The update includes diagrams against Gap Attack fronts that many youth teams see game in and game out.
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