Tire Flips
Tire Flips

The use of tire flips can greatly enhance your workouts. Tire flips are a great exercise for advanced and developing football players.

Before doing these types of exercises players should consult their coaches.

The first question that some coaches and players may ask is "Where in the world can I get a huge tire like that?" or they may ask "How does a person exercise with a tire that huge?"

You can find used tractor tires and fertilizer spreader tires at rural tire shops. You might have a good chance of picking up the fertilizer spreader tires at the actual place that spreads fertilizer. We just went to our local COOP and ask if they had any fertilizer spreader tires that they were done with. Eventually we ended up with four and we are currently looking for number five.

Tractor tires are great for flip type workouts. The fertilizer spreader tires are good for even more drills including an entire workout for offensive linemen and defensive players.

The difference between the tractor tires and fertilizer spreader (huge truck) tires is the thickness as you can see in the photos. The spreader tires are not as low when lying flat.

The first exercise is the "Football Flip." In the summer we do 3 sets of 12 flips during a workout. During the season we will do timed flips. During the season we usually do two sets of flips. The first set is times between 30 and 40 seconds. The second set is usually about 20 seconds. We also incorporate "Torque Rolls" into our seasonal workouts.

When doing these flips as a team the players should stand on either side of the tire making sure that there is enough room for the tire to land before the next player goes. We use this method instead of using a line of players on one or more tires because it prevents players from getting hit from behind by the next player to go.

Photo #1

This is a very good starting point. The back is strait, thumbs are up, and elbows are slightly in. Here the player has his knees bent and his feet are a little wider than his shoulders for a good base.
Photo 2

Keeping his back strait the player has used leverage to lift the top of the tire. You can see that his thumbs are still up and his elbows are in.
Photo 3

The player has used momentum to accelerate the tire upwards during the lift. The tire is almost upright at this point. You can see the hands of the player coming off the top of the tire.
Photo 4

As the tire topples over the player resets himself and punches the outside rim at the top. As he does this he takes a lunge step to reset himself for another flip.

This type of flip is a very good workout that is football specific. Because players are taught thumbs up, elbows in, and bent knees they can develop power, strength, and explosion while in the correct body position. This is another reason I like the spreader tires.
The next exercise is called "Dead Flips"

It is of utmost importance that players keep their backs strait no matter what type of flips they are doing.
Photo B-1

Here the player bends until he can reach the bottom of the tire with his hands. You can see that he still keeps his back strait.
Photo B-2

Using his legs the player springs upwards lifting the tire and keeping his back strait. You can see that he maintains leverage with his chest and arms.
Photo B-3

At this point the player pretty much owns the tire but his job is not done.
Photo B-4

Here the player has reset his grip and repositioned his body by sinking his hips and bending at the knees.

Photo B-5

Now the player is in a position to lunge forward and complete the exercise with what we call a "throw." This ends much like the "Football Flip" with the player in a position to make another flip.
Players will tend to find a rhythm to the flip. Finding a rhythm means they will learn to lunge at just the right time to catch the back end of the tire on it's way up. This makes it much easier for the player. To counter this, if you decide to, you can do "Dead Flips," you can make them hesitate between flips, or you can have them partner up and take turns flipping the tire while facing each other.

These tires weigh more than most people might think they do. You need to make sure that the players are focusing on what they are doing and that they are doing these exercises correctly.

Done correctly tire flips can add some awesome exercises to your workouts and drills.
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