Spread Offense Drills
Here are some drills and ideas that may help.

Drill #1 The water snap: Knowing that we may play in rain, at least at some point in the season, we have one ball that we wet down during certain practice sessions. We have the center snap it as wet as we can get it. We continue to wet it down during practice. During the practice we will alternate a dry ball with the wet one from time to time. This makes the center focus on making good snaps in different kinds of conditions. Snapping the wet ball also makes the QB and other skill position people concentrate on working with a wet and heavy ball. We will use the water snap about once every two weeks.

Drill #2 Working centers during individual routes: When we work our backs and receivers on individual routes we save the medium routes for the end so that we can bring our centers over from their pass blocking drills to get extra snaps. We do this during medium routes because the snaps slow down our individual short routes and the long routes do not get the center enough snaps. Medium routes (10 to 20 yards) provide plenty of snaps.
Drill #3 Rolling Thunder Drill: This is the best drill that we designed to work on the timing of this scheme. Here we utilize our centers, QBs, and skilled players. You may use this drill for conditioning at the end of practice.
Here we line up our backs in two lines on the cones. The QB will send them in motion (full speed) then snap the ball and make the handoff to them. The back will decelerate then toss the ball to the coach so the center does not have to hesitate before making the next snap. This drill is great for the timing of the snap and working the high-speed handoffs.
Here we are running the Rolling Thunder Drill and working the reverse handoffs at the same time. We have our motion man at full speed and taking the handoff from the QB. After the handoff he hands off to the slot-back coming back from the other side.
This is the Rolling Thunder Drill working the option. We put a coach at each end so the QB can make a read off him just like he would a defender in a game. To practice the option the other direction you would have to lineup the backs on the opposite side. After the pitch the QB will jog to take a snap from the opposite center.
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