Spider Option
Spider Option

Wide 16 Spider

This is a scheme we have been working on since the late 90's. Timing is critical to the success of the play and it takes a QB that has good focus and confidence. However, the play can be a killer if practiced and polished a little.

Because the snap takes a little time to get to the QB and the QB takes a little time to adjust the ball the actual first read happens very quick. We teach our QB to get a good look at the DE as soon as possible and see if he is willing to be stretched wide. If he is flip the shuttle to the T (backside slot) who is trailing. If the DE stays put the QB can fake inside if he wants but he really needs to focus on the Rover (playside OLB). The Rover may very well be bailing to the outside to cover the F (onside slot) thinking he is running a swing which, by the way, is not a bad play in conjunction with this one. If the Rover is bailing the QB will tuck and run if the Rover is coming we pitch.

It all sounds pretty simple but the timing is a little more complicated than it looks and blocking crucial. This play works even better against a 4-3 front. You can see against a 4-2 there really is no one to block the backside LB. This is why you will need a little play-action to the C (middle slot). I have already diagramed his route on this diagram and he will run that route for both the Spider Option and it's play-action. The little look in by the L (left side Split) tends to tie down the Whip (left side OLB).

If there is interest I will add the play-action play to this page.

Thank You, and God Bless You,

Robert B. Babcock

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