Rolling Thunder

Here we have two lines of backs. We have two quarterbacks with two shotgun centers. Many teams run the motion play with a direct snap. This drill works just as well with the direct snap. We have placed two cones where we want the backs to line up. You can also place cones even with the place you want the QB to snap the ball. However, we usually do not do this because you do not have the cones in a game.

Focus is very important for the QB because he needs to make the call for the snap when the motion man is at the proper spot on the field and focus on the ball as it is being snapped as well.

We have lined this up so that we do not have to run it both directions. We do flip the drill to the other side from time to time.

This Rolling Thunder Drill works on slot back reverse plays. Here the motion man hands the ball to the slot after his handoff. These handoffs are made at a high rate of speed and are very hard to follow for a defensive team. Reverses like these require plenty of reps and this is how we get them while leaving a good deal of our linemen in individual practice.

Rolling Thunder Drill

This Drill is designed for those teams that run motion and like to hand off to the motion back.
This drill is great for working the timing of a spread motion offense which we call the X Offense. These drills also serve a double purpose by working conditioning at the same time. At times we will "flip" one side of our offensive set and put a player in motion that had been the tight end. Because of this we will throw the tight ends into this drill with our backs about half the time.

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