Renegade Pistol

Renegade Pistol Work

Combining the Renegade and the Pistol makes for very exciting possibilities. Below are some of the plays and schemes that I have been working on. Some of these are tried and true and others are merely concepts but I really feel like the possibilities of the two formations awesome.

This option scheme uses a speed option look with the pistol back as the pitchman. The interesting thing here is that you can use several different blocking schemes with the same play. RPT 16 Mon A represents Renegade Pistol 16 (option right) Monster block (double crack) A Block leaves the playside DE for us to option off.

This is pretty basic option type blocking. The Pistol Back will need to get into pitch relationship after three steps. He will not hesitate. The snap will give him the time he needs to get wider than the QB. The pitch relationship will be what ever you want to teach. We usually tell the pitchman he needs to be in a 4x2 relation ( 4yds wide and 2yds behind the QB).

The QB will option the DE. With any speed type option play the DE will get there much quicker than most Quarterbacks will expect. The QB needs to be ready to pitch as soon as possible after taking the snap. The playside OT will need to get wide in a hurry and will take the CB one way or another. The Center and playside G will need to check for blitz to the playside. If the playside LB does come the two will need to "Team" block them much like they would for a pass blitz.

B Block has the R (right end) giving the Rover (outside lb) a shot then sealing the playside LB to the inside. Here the QB will option the outside LB (Rover). If the outside LB is too wide to give a shot to the R will simply forget him and seal the inside LB.

It is very important if the slot is cracking or shielding the DE to the inside that the QB get wide in a hurry.

The C Block will allow the QB to read the inside LB for the pitch. If the Rover does not put himself in a position to get cracked or sealed to the inside the R will have to stock him. Usually the R can call a "crossface" and get the slot to work with him but since we are reading the inside LB on this play the slot is already blocking down on the DE and can not help on the "crossface."

If the defense rotates or slides the Safety to the "nasty" (short slot) side the play-action off the option works great with a post over the middle by the left slot (C Back).

RPT 216 Post is the play-action designed to keep that safety honest. There is a "Rico" (right side help) by the right slot (F Back). The F Back will get help from the OT on his side if the inside LB does not blitz. You can also add a smash look to this play-action.

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Here is the spider option from the pistol renegade look.
Here is the same look with double backpost routes.