The Renegade Offense
The Renegade Spread Offense

for all levels of 11man football

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By Robert B. Babcock

The Renegade Offense is a tried and true offense that combines principles of the shotgun motion Jet with the lethal misdirection trapping game of the Wing T. This offense also uses the spread passing game and misdirection cross buck series from the Ace set for flavor.

This playbook is put together in sections that can be used individually or as an entire offense. It is designed to be effective at any level and against any degree of competition. Principles of this scheme could be applied to almost any group of athletes. However, it was primarily designed for smaller teams to compete and move the ball consistently against larger and stronger teams.

Sections of the Renegade Spread Offense:

• Terminology for the Renegade Spread Offense- This new and improved terminology eliminates complication and waste. It is basically a guide that defines exactly what your team will need to know and how you can get that info to them easily and understandable during practice and games.

• Personnel for the Renegade Spread Offense- This section breaks down each position and lets you know what qualities a player needs to have to play the position.

• Blocking for the Renegade Spread Offense- This blocking guide shows you exactly what types of blocks your linemen will need to make for this scheme. It shows you what types of blocks are required for this offense (Sweep Blocking, G/T Trap Blocking, and Pass Blocking). This section also shows you how to block several different defensive fronts as well as certain blitz packages.

• Renegade Strategy- This section concentrates on how to attack your opponent and where. It explains each aspect of the offense, when to use it, and what your players need to know as they get to the LOS. It also takes you through a game, suggesting what type of plays to use and when.

• Renegade Playbook- This playbook is basically the nuts and bolts of the offense. These 17 plays and diagrams are fully explained.

• Renegade Wide Playbook- If your team mastered the plays from the Wide formation and the Renegade formation that would be plenty of firepower to move the ball against almost any foe. These formations go hand in hand and share almost all the basic plays.

• The Ace Playbook- This is a one back shotgun formation playbook that includes the Power Sweep as well as great counters like the Cross Trap.

• 4 Wide Playbook- Several of the Renegade plays can be run from this traditional spread set. Extra plays from this formation have been diagrammed and explained.

• The Zoom Option- This is an updated version of the popular Zoom Option (pass/run). It also includes the "Rifle" Zoom plays presenting Zoom Option threats to both sides.

The Renegade does a good job of putting the ball in the hands of your athletes and giving them a chance to make an impact instead of burying them behind an outsized outmanned line. The offense also gives your linemen blocking advantages and puts them in a position to be successful by doing what they can do and not asking them to do the impossible.

This offense is exciting and fun. Kids look forward to practice. As their knowledge and skills improve the Renegade Offense can also grow with new plays and formations.

Football is football. It all centers on blocking and tackling. There are no miracle offenses out there. This offense takes work and practice time. However, there is always more than one way to skin a cat. This offense does not disappoint. The Renegade formations can pull the defense in on one side and spread them on the other or you can spread them from sideline to sideline.

Included in this book is a refined version of the Zoom Option. Here the QB or motion man has the pass run option. The Zoom Option puts defenders between a rock and a hard place and is the ultimate weapon against a big physical defense. The Zoom Option is always volatile but even more so in this offense because it counters the Jet Sweep so well.

This is the best book we have ever offered and BigN2Football is the only place you can get it.

If you what to attack teams from sideline to sideline and from behind the LOS to the end zone you will truly enjoy this offense.

Robert B. Babcock

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