The Renegade Bunch Offense
IGWT t 2013
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The Renegade Bunch is an awesome offense that combines the "Nasty Bunch" formation with Renegade concepts.

This Scheme makes the Renegade Spread Offense even more lethal. By combining principles of the Nasty Bunch Offense and the Renegade Offense you get a hybrid offense that attacks like a Power formation but does not require huge linemen making drive blocks. The Renegade Bunch formation allows you to attack a variety of defensive fronts the same way and creates alleys that can be exploited by your ball carriers.

This offense is easy to learn and easy to teach. The principles are straight forward and could be used as a base offense or as a supplement to what you already do. We have used the Bunch in conjunction with the Renegade but have also used it in conjunction with more conventional schemes as a "Secret Weapon" to be pulled out when needed the most.

This guide is around 50 pages long and contains close to 50 diagrams including blocking schemes for multiple fronts.

Here is a quick look at what the 8 sections of The Renegade Bunch Offense contain.

Sec. 1 The Scheme - What advantages this Scheme gives the Offense. How to take advantage of the defense.
Sec. 2 Terminology - How the Offense is called. What Tags are used and when they need to be made.
Sec. 3 Run Blocking - How to block a variety of fronts easily from the Bunch Formation. Specific diagrams that remove the clutter of the blocking scheme.
Sec. 4 Pass Protection - How to protect the passer against a variety of defensive formations and blitzes.
Sec. 5 Running Playbook - Plays cover the Jet Sweep with the Nasty Block as well as the counter G/T and much more.
Sec. 6 Passing Playbook - Plays that cover play-action off the Jet Sweep as well as many stand alone plays that be countered themselves.
Sec. 7 Alternative Nasty Blocking - The original "Nasty Block" (three cracks and a pull) is discussed.
Sec. 8 The Conclusion - Discusses some possible additions to the formation included adding some Smash/Combo pass plays.
If you order this book you will not be disappointed.
The Renegade Bunch Offense
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