Here are some basics to the punting game.
•Position yourself so that you will catch the ball directly in front of your kicking leg.
•Make a good target with your hands.
•Focus on the ball and adjust to it quickly.
•Catch the ball and spin it until the laces are up.
•The hand on the side of your kicking leg will be further back on the ball.
•The secure hand should be in the middle of the ball.
•Position the ball level at your chest and over the kicking leg.
•Do not lock your elbows.
•Your weight should not be on the kicking leg.
•Focus on the ball throughout the punt.
•Release the ball level.
•Do not lower or raise the level of the ball prior to the release.
•As your body prepares to punt the ball make sure that your shoulders are square and that there is no swinging of the body or legs prior to the punt.
•Focus on the ball as your foot hits it squarely below the laces.
•Kick through the ball with a good follow through.
•Drive through the ball with enough explosion that it lifts your body and plant foot into the air.
•As your drive through the ball your arms will automatically extend to the your sides.

Things that commonly go wrong
•Punter does not adjust to the snap.
•Punter takes too long to set up.
•Punter forgets to focus on the ball.
•Punter over or under strides on the approach.
•Punter releases the ball too high or too low.
•Punter does not get a good square release on the ball.
•Punter kicks the ball too high or too low in the release.
•Punter forgets to tuck his toe.
•Punter does not kick the ball squarely.
•Punter does not explode through the ball on the kick.
•Punter crosses his leg on the approach.

Punting is something that just takes work. It is one of the most skilled operations in a football game. It is hard to get enough practice time especially in high school where you undoubtedly play other positions as well as punt. However, your ability to perform well as a punter can mean the difference between your team winning and losing a game. Punting will take extra practice time and most likely personal practice time.

Many teams are using high punts in their game plans today. This allows the coverage a much better chance to make the play on the return. Make sure you know if your coach prefers your to trade distance for height. Being able to do both well makes you a very valuable commodity.

There are situations coming where you will be asked to punt the ball to a certain area of the field or away from a certain return man. Even if it means taking something off the punt do it so that your punt can remain a very important part of the game plan.

Pooch punts are not easy. In general it is easier to adjust the distance the ball will travel by adjusting the height you kick the ball. If you are called on to pooch punt the ball you may have to take some of your explosion off the punt but also adjust by kicking the ball higher like a mortar shot.