A Non-Traditional Approach to the Double Tight Wishbone

(This book was "The Double Tight Bone")

The wishbone offense has been a part of the American football scene for over half a century and continues to be an effective offense today. This 103 page printable e-book (pdf format) is specifically about the powerful Double Tight Wishbone with some non-traditional variations. The first part of the book includes descriptive content such a personnel, line blocking, audibles, etc. In the playbook section there are diagrams of 17 different rushing plays against two different defenses, 6 Play Action pass plays, 11 drop back passes, and 8 gadget (trick) plays. A total of 66 play diagrams!

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Topics Covered:

10 Reasons to Run the Double Tight

The Huddle

Play Numbering

Additional Play Numbering

Backfield Numbering

Play Calling Strategy





Line Blocking

Play Action Passing

Drop Back Passing

Line calls


Passing tree and Complimentary Routes

A Word about the Play Diagrams

Running Plays vs 4-4

Running Plays vs 5-3

Play Action Pass Plays

Drop Back Pass Plays

Gadget Plays

Printable Diagram Pages
The Power Bone
IGWT t 2013
The Power Bone by Blain White (Lakin Kan)
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