Mechanics of Throwing the Football:
1.After the snap secure the football until it is time to move it into the throwing position.
2.Backpedal to get depth. The backpedal gives your receivers time to run their routes and gets you further away from the rushers.
3.Scan the field for your receivers as you set up. Never focus solely on your primary receiver. It is too easy for the defense to read this. To throw the ball you need room to step up to the pocket.
4.With your eyes on the target put your weight on your back leg.
5.As you cock the ball the nose should be pointed at the sidelines or even slightly behind you.
6.Your opposite arm should be slightly extended and in front of you. It is a good idea to open your fingers and use them as a sight to aim with.
7.Step forward and release the ball while keeping your body square to the line of scrimmage.
8.An overthrow is often the result of an over stride. If you throw short it is a result of a short stride.
9.After the release you should follow through. The arm will cross your body.
10.Always make sure to set up at the correct depth.
11.Always try to throw the ball to allow the catch and run if possible.
12.Never force the ball.

Secrets for better passing:
1.Aim at a specific point on the receiver. Aim small miss small.
2.Know the scheme of the offense you are in and your job in it.
3.Work on your ability to attack the entire field with your passes.
4.Know when to pass with velocity and when to throw with touch.
5.Work on a quick setup.
6.Have patience in the pocket but no hesitation when the trigger needs to be pulled.
7.Know when and where to scramble.
8.Build up your arm strength and work on your release.
9.Work into it but throw the ball as often as you can. You will get better and better.
Play-action and Passing on the Run:
1.Play-action requires practice. Since you want the defense to think your team is running the ball you must do exactly what you do when you are running the ball.
2.Good footwork applies here.
3.Make good two handed fakes. This allows the defense to see the running back with the ball before you pull it.
4.If time permits you can pull the ball, hide it, and hesitate. The hesitation is very short. It throws the defense off. It may not fit into your scheme or you may not have time to do it.
5.After the fake you will either drop back like a drop back pass or roll out with the ball. In the drop back your footwork and throwing technique should be the same as a drop back pass.
6.When throwing on the run you need to face the receiver you are throwing to.
7.Step directly towards your intended receiver. If you are right handed your left foot should be forward.
8.Continue your stride as you throw the ball.
9.If you are throwing across the field (one side to the other) you much quickly set your feet in a throwing position or turn your body back in the direction of your receiver.
10.Remember it does not matter which way the field faces but which way you are facing when you throw the ball.
Just as it is not a smart thing to throw a basketball across the lane it is not always smart to throw the ball across the field. However, if you set your feet to throw the ball across the field it is the same as looking down field in a drop back pass.