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This book is a new look at the Bunch Offense. This book has a good number of great Bunch formation routes but where it differs from most Bunch playbooks is that it also concentrates a good deal on the Running Game from the Bunch. This book transforms the Bunch into a "Power" type formation as well as a passing and counter formation.

If you are looking to run the Bunch Offense or just wanting to incorporate some easy to use but hard to prepare for plays from this wild formation this is the book for you.

The Nasty Bunch by Robert B. Babcock
Bunch Contra Blast
Contained in the book are sections on

Formation Alignment
Running from the Bunch (Jet Sweep & Qb Sweep)
Counters from the Bunch (QB Trap & Play-action)
The Trapping Game
The Passing Game
This book is offered as an immediate download from . The book is in MS Word format.
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