Soccer Style Kicking
Soccer Style Kickers:
1.Most soccer style kickers like their holders to place the ball on the tee or the ground with a slight lean to the back.
2.For alignment the kicker will put the kicking foot directly behind where the ball is to be placed after the snap. Here the left foot (non-kicking foot) is aligned beside the ball.
3.Starting with his kicking foot (right) the kicker will take three steps (regular distance).
4.The kicker takes two steps left with both feet.
5.The kicker's focus should be on the tee.
6.Most soccer style kickers take two steps. The first step is made with the right (kicking) foot.
7.The second step should be longer and place the plant foot within half a foot behind and to the left of the ball.
8.The plant foot is very important to the kick. The toe needs to be pointed to the goalpost.
9.The kicking leg starts its downward motion from a high position. Here the toe should be pointed slightly down and the ankle locked.
10.Target with your hips. They should be facing to the target.
11.Kick the ball with the top, left, inside portion of the foot. Most kicker go wrong here by using the side of their foot instead of the top portion. Some call this an American style soccer kick.
12.Keep the head down and focused on the tee at all times.
13.Remember that the body needs to follow through properly. If the kicker has a good follow through his body will be pointed directly to the target and his head will be down and still focused.
14.A big part of kicking is balance. Kickers do not need to swing the kicking leg across their body. Leaning too far forward will result in a wide right kick (most of the time). Leaning too far back can result in a wide left kick.

Click for Straight-On Kicking (toe poke)
Click for Straight-On Kicking (toe poke)
If you hit the ball in the right spot, with enough energy it will do what you are trying to get it to do. If the ball does not do what you want it to there is a reason. You must fix the problem. Kicking is not rocket science but it requires concentration and focus each and every time you kick the ball. The better you can focus under pressure the better the kicker you will make. no matter what style you choose.