The Gorilla Circuit concentrates on stations developed specifically for football strength, explosion, and quickness. The set of exercises can be utilized individually or in a circuit format as we have presented them in this piece. During the summer we incorporate the Gorilla Circuit into our workout once a week. With some minor adjustments we have replaced one of our weight workouts during the season with a Gorilla Circuit workout. We also use the workout, with adjustments, for younger athletes.

Before we get started you should understand that although some of these exercises could be done by an individual we can not stress enough the importance of having a partner when doing your workouts.

Prior to the workout we take time to stretch and organize all the equipment that we plan to utilize in Gorilla Circuit training. We refer to each area as a station and we have all our players divide into pairs. They are to choose a partner that is close to them in strength and speed.

If space is limited we will use indoor areas as well as outdoor areas for the Circuit.

Each station will have two players attending it. The coach will need a stopwatch to time each rotation. We usually will rotate three times during one workout. However, there are times that we will cut the rotations to two or cut the time between each rotation depending on who we are playing or what other type of workouts we have that particular week. Cutting the time of each rotation or the number of rotations is one way we organize our circuit workouts for younger athletes.

In general we will plan for a 40 sec exercise. Certain exercises will require the athletes to switch during the 40 sec. period. We will position a coach or manager at these positions to with another watch to signal the switch during the exercise. If there is only one coach running the circuit you will have to position yourself so that you can see most of what is going on and signal the stations that have switches yourself. You can do this by grouping all the stations that have switches together prior to the circuit.

To start a rotation the coach will shout "Ready!" When he does this we will have our players shout the team motto or our word of the week in unison. During the off-season the players will shout "Get'er done!" This lets us know that they have made any necessary adjustments to the equipment at there station and that they are ready to start the exercise. The coach will blow his whistle to start all the exercises and he will start the stopwatch. At 20 sec. he will yell "Switch!" to the stations that have to switch. At 40 sec. he will blow the whistle again and shout "Rotate!" to let everyone know to rotate. We usually give the players a word to shout in acknowledgement. If our team does not show the kind of enthusiasm we feel they should have everyone will drop and get twelve pushups. When the athletes that return to their original station everyone will shout "Circuit." This indicates that one full revolution of the circuit is complete.

The following is a list and explanation of each station. We do not always do all these stations. You can mix and match as to what your team needs are. During the season we may incorporate the five-man sled into the circuit as well as the ropes if they are available in the area we plan to do the circuit.

Station #1

The Towel Pull Ups

Towel Pull Ups are hard for high school players, in general. This is a station which the athletes will switch at the 20 sec. mark. If an athlete can not do towel pull ups for a full 20 sec. we will make them hang by the towel after they have done as many as they can. We have built contraptions outside to do these as well.

Ab Rollers & Leg Raises

We combine these two exercises into one station. The athletes will switch at the 20 sec mark. The second time through the circuit they will alternate starting positions. In other words the player that started on the leg raises will start with the ab wheel the second time through.
The Forearm Roller

At the 20 sec. mark the other partner will grab the roller and start. It is important that the partner be ready and in position to take the roller as soon as the coach shouts the "Switch" call. (not demonstrated in the picture)
Jump Rope

Nothing fancy about this station. Each player will have a rope and will jump with it for the full 40 sec. You can have them jump rope backwards during the second revolution if you want and again forwards for the last one.
Medicine Ball Throws

Medicine Ball Throws are great for football players. We like to have them chop their feet while they are doing this drill. We do not want the ball to be lobbed. "No Rainbows!" is our battle cry here. We also like to have them throw the ball over an obstacle. They will throw the Medicine Ball the entire 40 Sec.
Flipping the fertilizer spreader tires is the center piece of the circuit. The athletes will stand facing each other and flip the tire back and forth. Here are the proper steps in flipping the tires.

• Stay low and keep your back strait.
• Keep your thumbs up and your elbows in.
• Apply pressure to the tire using your entire body.
• Extend upwards and latter your hands while using your legs.
• When you have the tire upright give it one hard shot then it is your partners turn.
You can click here for more tire flipping information.

We have our players flip tires the first two times through the circuit then do Torque Rolls the third time through. Torque Rolls are demonstrated below.
You can click here for more tire flipping information.
Starting with the tire in the upright position the players will take turns rolling the tire and applying tension. You can use a coach to tell the players when to alternate or you can set cones in a position to let the players know when to alternate.

The use of the tires in the circuit really helps to supercharge the entire workout. However, you must make sure that there is sufficient space for the station. We have done this station inside as well as outside. If you choose to do it on carpet you need to make sure it is secure or it will slide.

It is a good idea to isolate the tire area during the circuit.

Leg Curls

This is an exercise you may or may not choose to do add to the circuit. You can have the pair switch from leg extensions to leg curls at the 20 sec mark or you may wish to have them alternate from one to the other during revolutions of the circuit. 40 sec. of leg extensions or leg curls is not easy by any means. If you choose to have them do the full 40 sec. you will have to make sure that they do not have too much weight on the machine.
Dot Drill

Because it is hard to determine how long it will take to complete the regular dot drill workout we will give this station a number of exercises that they must accomplish in the 40 sec period. Below are examples of our station order for this drill.

1st Revolution
• Hit every dot 6 times. (start with both feet at the back go to the middle then to the frong back to the middle and end up where you started.

• Right Leg 6 times. (start on the right and go to the middle, right side front, left side front, middle, backside left, then back to the right)

• Left Leg 6 times. (opposite of right foot drills)

2nd Revolution
• Both feet together 6 times. (Start on one side, go to the middle, front, over, middle, back, then over again.

• Flips 6 times. (Start with your feet spread at the back. Go to the middle then front. Flip until you are facing the back, go to the middle back and flip again.

Your players may want to start prior to you calling the "Ready" call. They will rarely need to because it is easy to get these exercises in within the 40 sec rotation. You may already have a dot drill workout that you can use in place of these.

Forward Thrust Machine (Weapon)

Many programs have a machine similar to this one. These are extremely good football exercises. If you do not have a machine of this type you can easily substitute Hang Cleans here. However, we use Hang Cleans extensively in our weight program so we do not usually include them in the Gorilla Circuit during the off-season.

We also incorporate a lunge step into this station. When we do it with the Circuit we switch this station up at 20 sec.

Pull Downs

This is also a station that does not make it during the off-season because we do it several times a week as it is. This is also one the would switch at the 20 sec. mark.
Box Jumps

During the first revolution we have the athletes do speed hops. The second rotation is single legs. The third rotation is speed hops again.

We usually use fore to five boxes for this drill. Both athletes can go almost simultaneously.

Possible ad ins for the Gorilla Circuit are below.
• Football Throws- both players practice rolling out and throwing from about 10 yards.

• Crunches & Pushups

• Calf Extensions

The Gorilla circuit is a great summer and offseason workout for football. When done in conjunction with alternating weight workouts it is killer prep for the season. The workout is also evolving and can be modified for the type of team you will have.
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