Dutch (Double Layered Concept)

This concept is much less complicated than it looks. This is a concept I have been working on that attacks the defense with the same play but double reads. In other words the QB will have either an A Read or a B Read with the same play call.

This play is called Dutch to us. The formation is Renegade Wide which we simply call Wide during the game and on the wrist bands. So to properly call this play or wristband the play we would tag it as Wide Dutch A or Wide Dutch B. The players will run pretty much identical routes for Dutch A or Dutch B but the QB will read either the A Reads or the B Reads.

The cool thing about this play is that even if you don't run the B Reads the routes are producing a stretch and pull on the secondary from the B Reads. For instance if you are running Dutch A it really doesn't matter that your QB is not reading the swing for the B2 Read because the OLB (whip) doesn't know that and should be trying to cover the swing which should clear a window for the A2 Read of the T Back on his out. Another good example of this is the B3 Read on the L (Left End) Go. Even if you are reading for A Reads the S must honor that Go by the L because he has no idea which reads your QB is making. His drop and likely pull to the outside (in cover 2) should clear for the A3 Read of the 2cnt delay by the F (right slot).

This particular play is tough because it takes advantage of the Blitz by the Whip or MLB and at the same time attacks in the mid range as well as deep. The Rover (right OLB) could get into the mix but very few teams will send him and the MLB. Even if they do the first read takes care of this with the F catching the hitch. Also there is nothing keeping the T from making is delay on the Rover rather then the DE. this would give the O Line time to scoop into a position to pick up the Rover after the 2 count delay.

I love these concepts and they work well if they are practiced and polished. The only WARNING!!! label I could give about them is that you don't want more than about two of these types of plays in your offense unless they make up the bulk of your scheme because they can quickly give your QB information overload. Two plays like this fit nicely into about any spread scheme. The QB reads can be added to another panel in the QB's wristband which will make his job much easier.

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Dutch Passing Concept