Robert: I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your "Combination Passing Game" document. I believe you have condensed some of today's most complex spread passing secrets into a brief and very useful guide for coaches. I would recommend it without hesitation to coaches looking for insights into today's spread passing game.

Ted Seay (the creator of "The Wild Bunch")

The Combination Passing Game is an Offensive Scheme that combines complimentary routes and quick easy reads by the Quarterback.

This is a basic manual of plays and explanations of how the Combination Scheme works with many counters and complimentary plays added.

This playbook contains 25 easy to understand diagrams with detailed explanations of plays and responsibilities of the scheme. It also contains information on how to install the Combination Scheme into your Offense even if you do not run many spread type formations.

Here are some of the topics discussed in the this book

· The Basic Combination Game

· Combination Counters

· Recognizing the Motion Blitz

· Handling the Motion Blitz

· Player Responsibilities of the Combo Scheme

· Adding Individual Routes to the Scheme

· How and Why to use motion

· Safety Valves and Blitz Breakers

This twenty-one page guide contains plenty of information on running the Combination Passing Attack as well as an extensive playbook section.

Many of the plays are diagramed from spread type sets but there are some more conventional formations represented as well.
The Combination Passing Game
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The Combination Passing Game by Robert B. Babcock
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