Catching the football
Catching the Ball:

1.Catching the ball is a combination of concentration and good eye to hand coordination.
2.Some people are born with "good hands" however you can always make yourself a better receiver with practice.
3.If the ball is thrown above your belly button you will make a triangle with your thumbs touching at the bottom and your first fingers touching at the top.
4.If the pass is thrown below the bell button your little fingers should be touching. This forms a basket for the ball.
5.Always extend your arms in the direction of the ball. This will allow your hand to give with the ball and create what we call "soft hands."
6.Always go to the ball once it is thrown.
7.Look the ball all the way in and make sure you have it before you run.
8.If the ball is thrown high you must catch it at its highest point. This prevents a defender from picking if off.
9.Believe that every ball thrown is your ball and that you can catch it.

The Tuck:
1.Secure the ball with your hands then tuck it immediately.
2.The closer the ball gets to your body the more control you have of it. This also makes the chances of a turnover less.
3.Tuck the ball on your side that is away from the defender.
4.Expect to get hit and expect the defender to try to jar the ball from your body. Be prepared to fight for the ball before and after you catch it.

Run After the Catch:
1.When the catch is made you become a running back.
2.After you have tucked the ball lower your body and accelerate downfield.
3.If you have caught the ball in a zone you may need to "set down." This means that you will stop as soon as you have caught the ball and accelerate in another direction. This keeps you from getting your head knocked off.
4.Never go down easy. Remember that the defense is spread out and if you can shake a tackle or two you have a good chance of scoring.

Take care of the ball.

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