The books offered on are all offered as downloads. When you purchase a book you should immediately get a link that allows you to download the book into your computer. Most books are now offered in PDF but we still have some that are in MS Word format. If you have any issues with any download we would like to know as soon as possible. You can email us at
Each book link will take you to more information about the book. You can purchase the book if you choose.

X-treme Schemes vol. 1 is free and you can access it through the link for it.
The Ace Formation for Youth Football

The Renegade Spread Offense

The Renegade Bunch Offense

The Power Bone by Blain White

The Combination Passing Game

The Nasty Bunch Offense

X-treme Schemes Vol. 2 (Passing Game)

X-treme Schemes Vol. 1 (Running Game)
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