Run Blocking:

You must never get beat off the snap of the ball. You know the count and where the ball is going. You also know if the play will be a run or a pass. The defensive players have to react to the play.
1.Fire off at the snap.
2.Explode through the defender springing off your drive foot. Get your head to the playside of the defender and your shoulder low into his numbers.
3.You must get under the defender and lift him if you want to control him.
4.Drive the defender off the line of scrimmage.
5.Keep your body under control and between the defender and the ball carrier.

The harder you fire off at the snap the more momentum you will bring to the table. Even with an outstanding charge you still may not have control of the defender. These types of blocks are for quick hitting plays like dives, or sneaks. Other plays will require a little less impact and a little more control and drive.

Always stay with your block. Do this by keeping your balance, staying low, keeping your feet wide, and taking strong short steps. Watch yourself blocking on film. Look for areas where you can do better. Figure out the point or points where you loose a block. There is always a reason for a lost block. Figure out what it is and correct your mistakes.

Pass- Blocking:
1.Always start from a good stance weather you are a back or a lineman.
2.Keep your head up to protect yourself from the defense.
3.Set up quickly in your pass-blocking stance.
4.Position yourself between the passer and the rusher.
5.Keep your balance at all times.
6.Never get your weight to far forward if you do you will get beat.
7.While blocking keep your head up, rear down, and back straight.
8.Your feet must be quick. Keep them moving continually.
9.Funnel the rusher to the outside. If he is going to beat you make him do it to the outside. This will always give the QB more time.
10.Deflect the rusher's momentum to the outside. To do this you must explode into him with your body while keeping your thumbs up and your elbows inside.
11.After you deliver the blow quickly step back and protect your cushion. Never let the rusher break your cushion for long. When the rusher is close to your body he can put a rip or swim move on you.

Always stay in a good blocking position by moving your feet and keeping your balance. Be patient and put yourself in a position where the rusher has to come to you to get to the passer. Stop his momentum, separate from him, and set up to block him again. Do this as many times as it takes. The more times you block him the more time your QB will have to throw the ball.