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All of our 8man books are in Microsoft Word format or Adobe PDF. We offer them in these formats because most computers have MS Word for viewing and Adobe PDF can be viewed on virtually any computer.

These books are available for automatic downloads.

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The Renegde 8Man

The Renegade DVD & Playbook

8Man Pistol Vol. 1

8Man Pistol Vol. 2 & 3

"I" Formation (8man)

Attack 3-2

Attacking the Spread (3 front)

8Man's Drop Option
The Renegade Offense 8Man Edition

The Renegade Offense DVD & Playbook

8Man's Pistol Offense vol. 1 The Trapping Game

8Man's Pistol Offense vol. 2 & 3

The "I" Formation (with a little crazy mixed in)

The Attack 3-2 Defense

Attacking the Spread (3 front edition)

8Man's Drop Option

Once you purchase the information I encourage coaches to share this information with their staff. Feel free to alter the diagrams and plays in any way you see fit. However, these books have copyrights. All I ask is that you do not reproduce them for distribution or sale outside your own coaching staff.

We also encourage you to send us feedback by email. We would also like to know what type of titles you would like to see about 8man football on the site or by downloads.

If you have any trouble at all with the download let me know and we will get you your book as soon as possible. We use Pay Pal for payment because it is extremely secure and we have had very little trouble with orders.

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