This offered as a DVD but also contains the playbook files as well as bonus materials on a CD-Rom
8Man Renegade Offense DVD & Playbook & combined to produce this 8man DVD which is the first of it's kind.

This DVD covers the Renegade Offense which is a spread offense designed as much for the running game as the passing game.

Contained in the DVD

Explanation of the Renegade Offense
The Renegade Formation as well as many others the compliment the scheme.
Proper Alignment for the Renegade.
Play Series
Run and Pass Block
Defensive alignments and how to attack them.
Passing Game strategies
Over 30 diagramed and explained plays in the playbook section including several advanced Renegade plays and plays that compliment the scheme.
CD-Rom PDF copy of the (8man) Renegade Playbook
CD-Rom Microsoft Word versions Renegade Toolbox with Plays
This video comes in DVD format and is over 40min long. It comes US Postal 1st Class and usually arrives within days of the order. We will include a PDF copy of the original Renegade Offense for 8man Football as well as a Renegade Toolbox that includes all the plays in MS Word format that you can alter for your own playbook.

The DVD and CD-Rom are $16.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling.