8Man Ram Option
The Ram Option is a very quick hitting option play. The Ram hits quicker than the Freeze Option but the hole is basically the same. The Ram is an easy play to install especially if your team already knows the option. It is one play that is good to run against any defensive front.

The rules for the Ram are pretty simple. We plan to block down with our TE and kickout with our FB much like a basic outside lead. If the DE comes down our TE knows to block him on down but if he plays an outside technique (5 Tech.) the TE will block the first inside LB.

We like the Ram because it hits quick and is easy to run. A smart, quick thinking QB will make this play successful but as always an athletic QB makes the play even more lethal. This play is really a trap play. Instead of using your backside Guard you trap with the FB. This is why it hits faster than a trap.

Here are some other ways to block the Ram Option.
Once again our rules apply. If the onside DE plays inside our TE will take him inside and our FB will look to seal the LB to the inside. We work on maintaining pitch relationship with the QB even after he has broke the LOS.

This is how we block a 3-3. Most 3-3 defenses will bring either the outside LB or the DE inside (B gap). On this defense we tell our TE to take whichever of the two that come inside on down. Our FB will kick out the one that goes outside. Some teams teach there defenders to wait. However, if the defense is not moving at the snap of the ball we feel like we can take advantage of that with the Seal Option. On the Seal we would simply arc release the TE and then bring him back inside to seal the LB. This would allow us to pitch off the end and run a regular dive or lead look behind the Seal.
Here is the Ram vs a 5-1 defense. Our rules here tell the TE to block down on the defensive guard because he is lined up in an outside shade. If the DG lines up headup with the OG we would send the TE to the MLB.

You can see that this play creates a natural alley in the defense much like the one created by the lead or the Freeze Option play.

The Ram is much like the regular lead but has the advantage of another option with the pitchman. Even if you do not use the pitch man very often the defense knows that if they leave him uncovered and the QB gets a good pitch to him he will score.
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