There are three 8man Pistol volumes. Vol 1. covers the trapping game Vol 2 & 3 come togther
8Man's Pistol Offense
Volume #1

8Man's Pistol Offense "The Trapping Game"

This book combines the dynamic Pistol set with Wing T schemes for 8man football. Using the Pistol in conjunctions with the Renegade and Wing sets makes for a very interesting new offense that is based out of the tried and true fundamentals of the Wing T "3 way" trapping series.

This detailed playbook and guide has over 30 illustrations that explain plays and blocking schemes for this offense against even and odd fronts. The inside trapping game, outside trapping game, and T style play-action games are all detailed as well as alternate blocking schemes to different defensive adjustments.

This book is offered as an instant download. This is our first 8man book offered as an Adobe PDF file. We are using the PDF files because you can read them with Adobe Reader which is a free. If you need a copy in Word format email me after your purchase with that request.

This 8man Football series covers the Pistol Offense adapted and adjusted for 8man schemes. There are 3 Volumes in these series with a 4th in the works. Volume 1 contains the Pistol Trapping Game and Volume 2 and 3 cover just about everything else. Volume 2 and 3 come together.
Pistol Offense
Volume 2 & 3

The 8-Man Pistol Series is the most extensive series of books we have ever undertaken. Volume 1 focused on the Trapping Game from the Pistol and Volume 2 and 3 pretty much cover everything else.

We decided to combine Volume 2 and 3 together into one massive book.

Below are the different areas covered in the 5 sections of the book:

Pistol Option, Counter Option, and Play-Action Option
Pistol Sweeps and Jets (Sweep Counters)
Drops, Rolls, and Screens
Play-Action (Off Power and Stretch)
Waggles, Fox Plays (changing the count), and Boots
Several of our coaches (8-Man and 11-Man) have wanted us to include play templates with our downloads so that they can edit the plays and text into their own playbooks. This is the first book where we have included not only the entire playbook with Play Blanks (where you can edit the text on the plays you want to use) but we have also included the formations with toolboxes. Now you can make your own pistol playbooks using Microsoft Word or you can simply use any of the multitude of Pistol plays from the book and call them what ever you want.

The Download includes the following:

8-Man's Pistol Offense volume 2 and 3- in Adobe PDF format viewable with Adobe Reader which is a free download on the internet.

The entire playbook in Play Blanks- editable in Microsoft Word

Renegade Pistol Formation (vs. even and odd fronts)- can edit in MS Word

Wing Pistol Formation (vs. even and odd fronts)- can edit in MS Word

Double Tight Pistol (vs. even and odd fronts)- can edit in MS Word

It is hard to imagine this dynamic formation covered in more detail than it is in these volumes. Volumes 2 and 3 contain almost 100 pages of explained plays as well as sections on Advantages to the Pistol, Terminolgy usind the Pistol, Pass Blocking and more.

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