8Man's Drop Option
8 man's Drop Option is a book that we offer in the 8man Store. If you would like a copy of it you can get more information by clicking this link <The Drop>

Here are some of the highlights from the book including some plays.

Here is a base example of the Drop.

The overall idea of the Drop is to loosen up the secondary by with a mimic pass route and run the option game behind it.

You can run the Drop from double tight and behind your best pass routes. Plus with all the counter plays to the Drop you do not have to have a great passing team to make it work. We combine the Drop with a passing game and trapping game.

Usually we have uncovered linemen show pass block before they go on their blocking assignments. In the diagram above you can see that the guards are uncovered vs. the 3-2 and
show pass before blocking the LBs to their sides.

In this diagram we have run the Drop with a crack back block on the playside LB. We also run a double crack Drop option play where we crack both the playside LB and the Safety.

What makes the drop work so well is a combination of the defense's reaction to pass and the counter plays that can be run from the Drop scheme.

To get more information on the Drop Book click <here>
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