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8man Football's Attack 3-2 Defense

This is a great 8man defense for teams that are outsized in certain areas and need to attack the defense without doing a lot of reading and staying sound in coverage.

This passage from the book pretty much explains the idea behind the Attack 3-2.

The attack 3-2 defense is a combination of a blitz, a team stunt, secondary rotation, and gap responsibility. These things are all rolled into one defensive scheme that creates a pressure defense that is simple and very sound.

Providing good pass coverage and shutting down the running game is not easily done in 8-man ball as any defensive coordinator can tell you. The old saying in 8-man ball is that you are always one man short of being sound no matter what you do. I have found this to be true at least for the most part. However, there are always ways to limit your weaknesses. The attack 3-2 does a very good job at both stopping the run and providing good pass coverage.

Covered in this booklet:

Terminology for the Attack 3-2

Gap recognition and alignment numbing

Understanding the Blitz and Secondary Rotation

Stunts and Gap Control

Secondary Play Recognition

Basic and not so basic coverage

Keys and Drop Depths

Zone Coverage areas

Using Man Coverage with Pressure

Alternative Alignments

Secondary Drills

Team Defense Drills

And much more

This book is available, as are all 8man books on, as an automatic download and in MS Word format or PDF.

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8Man Defening the Spread (3 Front Edition)

8Man Defending the Spread (3 front Edition) was produced as an 8man Coaching resource.

This book is designed to help coaches defend against the onslaught of spread formations that have been constantly evolving at all levels of football.

This is a very thorough book with almost every possible spread offensive alignment covered.

Areas covered in this book include:

* Alignment
* Responsibilities
* Coverage Options
* Blitz Packages vs. various formations
* Motion and Face Blitzing

Formations covered include:

* Slot
* Twins
* Trips
* Mid
* 3x1
* Wing
* Dbl. Wing
* Ace
* Renegade
* Nomad
* Bunch
* 4 Wide
* Pro
* Tri

This book builds off "The Attack 3-2" book and takes an evolutionary step in putting pressure on teams that sun a variety of spread sets.

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