8man Lead Option
Here is a basic example of a Lead Option play with a crackback block from the split end. Here we have a split end at 6 to 7 yards. There are several over plays that we run to the other side which prevents the defense from keying on the Lead Option play. You can also run several pass plays from this simple set. The 6yard split can prevent the DE from jamming your End on his route. This is also a great fromation for the sprint out pass.

The beautiful thing about the Lead Option play is that it can be run against virtually any defense and at almost anytime in the game without adjustment. It is a very easy play to teach and run but a very hard play to stop.

This is a formation we call Stealth. You can add to the chaos by running the Lead Option play with motion from the lead back.

We do not always run this play with a 6yard split end but it helps our smaller ends block more talented linebackers.
There are many more examples of these and other concepts in the 8man "I" book.
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