8Man's Freeze Option
The Freeze Option

The Freeze Option is a great play for teams that love to run the trap and the option. The play actually combines both. Teams with an athletic quarterback should consider putting in the freeze because it is easy to install and very lethal. We have had success running the freeze against the three front and the four front.

Here we run the Freeze from double tight "I".

The I is the basic formation to run the Freeze from. You can also offset your tailback to either side and still run the Freeze to either side. We call that set " I rt" or " I lft."

On added bonus to running the Freeze from the regular "I" formation is that the Tail will remain motionless at the snap of the ball. Many defenses try to key the running backs. The Tail hesitates just long enough for the QB and the FB to mesh with the ball then he runs pitch relationship no matter where the QB goes.

On the snap the QB takes two steps away from the direction of the Freeze. This allows the FB to Dive and the backside G to pull. In order to get the timing the FB must go up on his toes before he starts his dive. Without this hesitation we had trouble with our FB running into our pulling G.

The pulling G is taught to pull to the end man on the line of scrimmage. This could change with a 3-3 but in general this is what we try to do. If the DE comes down we will log him with our pulling G. If the DE comes up-field we will trap him to the outside and the QB will duck under thus running the QB trap. The TB must continue to adjust to stay in pitch relationship with the QB even if the QB runs the QB trap. In the years that we concentrate on the Freeze we eventually face secondary players that leave the pitchman to stop the QB.

The Freeze is one of our favorite plays from double tight. It does not require large linemen but your linemen must be quick and fundamentally sound trap blockers.

We play with the distance of our splits but in general we are at 2 1/2 feet with the G's and 3 feet with the TEs. Sometimes we run even bigger splits with our TEs. This spreads the defense and gives the QB trap a better chance of working. However, we never get the G's splits bigger when running the Freeze because we want the pull to be quick.

One key block, besides the obvious block of the trapping G, is the centers block. The center must cover the QB's back during the dive fake. The Freeze is most vulnerable during this point of the play.

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