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8Man Football The Drop Option
IGWT t 2013
8 Man's Drop Option is a book centered around the Drop Option scheme and all it's complimentary plays. This playbook is much more than the Drop Option. It has many short passing and counter plays as well as the Drop Plays. This explained playbook would be beneficial to all 8man coaches who want to developed some new ideas in their offensive schemes. The Drop Option is an option play that appears to be a pass play at first. Both the Quarterback and the Tailback drop before turning and running the option behind some of your best routes. There is a playbook section in the book that includes over 30 8man plays that could be easily adapted to almost any formation or scheme.

Below are just some of the plays discussed in this playbook

Drop Option

Triple Screen

Drop Draw

Trap Draw

QB Draw

Drop Seal

Slot Drop

Drop Crack

Dbl Tight Drop

Speed Outs


Slot Slide Routes

Back Slides


This is an awesome 8man playbook. It does not disappoint. We have had nothing but good feedback from this playbook
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