The "I" Formation (with a little crazy mixed in) For 8Man Football
IGWT t 2013
The I Formation with a Little Crazy Mixed In For 8man Football

This book is an extensive 8man football book that covers the I formation from front to back. Also included is an Up (offset I) formation playbook.

Terminology is explained as well as each play in the playbook section. Line Blocks are diagramed and named for each play as well as possible options and counters to most plays.

This book contains over 50 pages of 8man information and plays. These plays range from basic "Old School" plays to innovative new way to attack defenses from the most popular formation in football. We have had nothing but great feedback about this 8man football book.

This is a very detailed book with a lot of play including:

* Dives

* Cross Traps

* Boots

* Leads and Powers

* Option Gives

* Option Arcs

* Option with Loop (backside traps)

* Option Reverses

* Freeze Options

* Flip Options

* Drop Options

* Seals and Ram Options

* Sweeps

* Double Flags

* Hex Route

* Tilt Route

* Play-action Option Maxx Route

* Waggle

And much more!

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IGWT t 2013

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